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Welcome to The Web Site of
The Minnetonka Game and Fish Club
The Minneapolis Rifle Club

Minnetonka Game and Fish Club and The Minneapolis Rifle Club are private clubs for members and their invited guests. Please note, there is no on-site telephone at the range.
  • Minnetonka Game and Fish Club has been in operation since 1921 and has been located on it's current property since 1970.
  • We are located in St. Francis, MN (Directions)
  • Minnetonka Game and Fish Club is a shooting club with conservation as a secondary goal.
  • Activities include trap, skeet, silhouette, bullseye pistol, action pistol, benchrest, deer rifle sight-in's, firearm safety, and etc...
  • Minnetonka Game and Fish Club encourages family, youth and guest participation in shooting sports and safety programs.
  • Membership Info
    • There is no application on this web site!
    • You must request the current application from the membership director. See our Membership Page for more details.
    • See our Contact page for further contacts

November 14, 2022: Snow removal time is here, so remember plowing has priority over activities and traffic! GP range, please put spools on edge moved to the side of the shooting lanes before leaving. Benchrest; stands that are standing when you arrive are to be left standing when you leave.
March 1, 2023: Our annual Lipstick and Lead event, an introductory class for ladies interested in shooting sports, is scheduled for June 24th. Try your hand at shotgun, pistol, rifle, and archery targets set up for beginners! First you will receive safety training on how to handle and shoot the various armaments followed by a visit to the various ranges allowing you to try some or all of them. Pass the word and schedule it with some of your girlfriends! Contact Kayla at 763- 350-1087 shootlikeagirl2010@gmai