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Minnetonka Game & Fish Club Membership Information
The membership requirements of the Minnetonka Game & Fish Club and the Minneapolis Rifle Club may vary. Please view our About Us information.
Minnetonka Game & Fish Club Membership application process:
1.Complete a membership application and mail it to the address on the top of the form with a $25.00 onetime application fee. The application form is NOT on the website or at the clubhouse, The applicant must request a form by emailing the membership secretary at membership@mgfc-mrc.org. This will place the applicants name on the waiting list which is posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse.
2.Secure a sponsor who is a current MGFC member in good standing.
3.Attend a club orientation which is offered during the spring and fall work days which are posted on the website under “Events”.
When the applicant has completed steps 1-3, and there are membership openings (average wait time is 2 years), they will be informed they are eligible for membership. When the applicant is eligible for membership, they will be invited to a membership meeting to be voted in by the general membership. In order for the applicant to be eligible for membership, they will be asked to present proof of a criminal background check which could include a carry permit or a background check supplied by your local sheriff’s office.
New membership openings will be determined upon the completion of the annual membership renewal process deadline is June 30th. The new membership induction is conducted from July – October for eligible new members based on membership availability.
MGFC membership dues/fees are evaluated and set once a year during the April meeting. In the 2014 renewal year, membership fees were:
Initiation fee (one time fee)$125.00
Annual membership fees:$150.00
Proximity card fee per card:$30.00
Minus application fee($ 25.00)
Total: $280.00
Attendance at our competitive events will provide you with an opportunity to meet members who may act as your sponsor. Check our calendar on the web site
For additional membership information contact: membership@mgfc-mrc.org
For Minneapolis Rifle Club Membership information - Email mrc_sec@mgfc-mrc.org